Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Choices, choices

I don't tend to write about politics here, but this election seems to top them all.

We have two choices as usual:

Option A: Save the whales and kill the babies
Option B: Save the babies and kill the whales

Is it truly not possible to be a US politician and be both pro-whale AND pro-baby???


Pranayama mama said...

don't forget the "kill the foreigners" option, too!

the baby thing is what keeps haunting me but then i remember the troops and their families and ask "what the . . . ?"

the answer is there is no right answer.

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

The whale is a bit of a metaphor for whales, owls, Iraqi civilians, and the ozone.

As for babies vs troops, the numbers simplify things for me.

But you are right, the whole thing is broken, and there is no viable option C.