Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dreams of Exodus 1:22

On Saturday night I had a disturbing dream; I seem to be back in a phase of troubled dreaming.

I was at a Disney-esque theme park, standing on the bank of a river which represented Pharaoh's command at the time of Moses' infancy. The water flowed from my right to my left, and scattered across the waters were naked babies floating on small rectangles of wood. Some of them were animatronically kicking a leg in the air and turning over. Others lay fetally curled as if trying to stay warm in the chill water. One model could open it's eyes, but the water lapped over it's mouth and so it could not cry, despite the terror and cold and abandonment.

And the silent parade of sacrificed babies floated on and on.

So strange...


Pranayama mama said...

whoa. that would be disturbing. i've been writing my dreams down each morning again -- which i did for years but it fell by the wayside over the past year. it's such a trip. the more you write on a daily basis, the more you remember. last night i was in london!

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

Awesome! I only made it to Florida!