Wednesday, July 15, 2009

May he have rest

It has been a challenging week for my beloved priest, and while he for the most part lives nestled in Christ's peace, I can't help but want prayer for him during times of potential discouragement like this.

I thought about him this morning, and how he truly stands in persona Christi, in the person of Christ, for us. Just as we consume Christ at the mass, we consume this, our priest. We approach him day in and day out with our complaints and our demands, our sorrows and our hungers, and we eat him alive with very little gratitude. As if we are deserving of the gift of his life to us.

And like Christ, he says "It's all right. I love you."

And he means it.

But his eyes are tired. His very being must be tired.

I pray he may feel our love returned, and rest.

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Cynthia said...

Praying for our priests/pastors is a much neglected duty. I recently returned to a church I had left because I had burned myself out trying to do the Spirit's work. God specifically told me to return but that I was to sign up for nothing, join no committes and lead no fundraisers. My call in that church is to lift the pastor up EVERY day in prayer. To encourage Him, to fight against the evil one who loves nothing more than to trap pastors in their weaknesses and to see my pastor's needs are being met, as you seem to have done with your own priest. Thank you for posting this important reminder for us all.