Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 8: So much for commitment

Given that I do not have my friend Pranayama mama's gifts, I've decided to rescind my promise to self re. posting thoughts daily unless they make worthwhile reading. I'm still committed to actually having a thought or two, I've simply changed my mind about inflicting them on you.

Today I actually have something to pass along.

Last week I wrote about hashing through Matthew 14:22-36 with a dear friend. This same friend comes to my Tuesday woman's group in which we eat breakfast, discuss the gospel reading for the day, and pray for eachother. Here's how generous God is:

Today's reading was this exact passage.

It is amazing how attentively God watches and interacts with us, and that He would ordain things in just such a way. He likes to show us that He is paying attention.


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Pranayama mama said...

hey, thanks for the shout out, "gifts" compliment and directing me to your friend's blog. yikes! i'm resurfacing and, in a few days, taking a much needed vacation. after that, if inspired, i'll begin blogging again. i needed to relax in the word and regain my strength.