Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A God of Relationship

God was generous to me in prayer yesterday. He sprinkled tidbits of revelation throughout our time together. I will never understand His generousity to me, undeserving and ingrateful as I am.

I was thinking of all the roles God plays for us. All the relationships He offers. He is our king, our Father, our brother, our counselor, our judge, and our spouse.

He is MY king, my brother, my counselor, my judge, and most of all, my spouse.

In being all these things, we can look to Him for help in all our relationships. With our boss, with our siblings, with our mentors, with our priests, and with our husbands or wives. He knows each relationship and we can go to Him in and for each one of them.

The more you ponder the way He unfolds His plan, the more you rest in wonder.

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