Friday, June 6, 2008

Wisdom from Msgr. Gerry Krieg

On Wednesday night of this week my congregation was treated to the mind and heart of my priest's friend and mentor, Msgr. Gerry Krieg. I hope to become like him some day; that my whole being will be transformed by and into the love of Christ.

Here are some nuggets of his wisdom:
  • Jesus didn't come to be a healer, to start a religion. He came to be a human.
  • The Father's "let it be" results in creation. Jesus' "let it be" results in the cross.
  • The Father creates out of nothing. The Son creates out of messes.
  • The unity of Christians should be like the unity of the trinity; "may they be one as you and I are one."
  • If we strive to see Jesus in one another, our creative power will be that much greater. (I need to ask him to speak more about this...)
  • Msgr. once told my priest to stop referring to the Roman Catholic church as "Rome". He said, "It's Peter."
The good father prompts so many lines of thought...

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