Monday, May 11, 2009

On dancing before the Lord with abandon

In yesterday's musical worship at mass I thought about David's abandoned dance before God, contrasted with my own reserved participation in the act of singing as praying twice.

I love to dance. What a joy it would be to enter into whole-body worship of Him who is song itself. But it's hard to picture entering into the sensuality of dance amidst the congregation, those people who know me but don't -know- me.

My dance would be lovemaking from a distance. My dance would be the enchanted swaying of a charmed snake. My dance would be a cry for union.

My dance would make them uncomfortable and suspicious.

So once again I realize that I am both like and unlike my namesake. Like him, I long to dance with abandon before my Lord. But unlike him, I refrain because of the reaction of those who would witness it.


Pranayama mama said...

i think that would be cool, too. and i lip sync in church . . . people thank me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to my blog...I followed you here.

Your style is the very kind that draws me in.

Yes, dancing is sensual and to purify it is almost to dissect the joy from it.I know what you mean exactly.

A couple of weeks ago in my kitchen I was overcome with the desire to dance in God's presence. I put on a worship Cd and lost myself in the movement. It became a beautiful prayer.

Thank you for posting this.It blessed me.