Wednesday, February 10, 2010

His face

I nearly forgot: while pouring out the spirit in prayer in the Jacksonville church a few weeks ago, I saw Christ's face behind my eyes. It was strange; I never envision His face.


Diane Marie Hall said...

He really loves you...what a wonderful gift he gave you.

Ike said...

I have watched my wife battle through her second bout with cancer. She has lost more body parts than I have fingers on both hands.The first time she had cancer...they removed her entire colon and part of her small intestine. Second time around...she had a double radical and they removed lymph nodes on both sides along with her overies and uterus.

Many nights I hear her crying out to her Lord. She talks to Him for hours. While she never has "physically" seen her Saviour...I know that when she gets her first glimpse of Him....His face will NOT be the face of a stranger.

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

I am lifting her in prayer Ike, and you. I pray that this time of such tremendous suffering can be for her a participation in her Lord's agony, and draw them closer.