Thursday, February 11, 2010

No easy yes

I've been thinking about the freeing of an incarcerated Peter, as described in Acts 12:6-11.

I imagine that Peter was content to remain in jail, if that were God's will, even though a jail of that era must have been a dirty, cold, forsaken place. I'm sure he knew well what Paul later described in detail; the honor and glory of sharing in his Lord's sufferings, for His purposes.

But God had other plans, and sent an angel to free him.

He must have been afraid. Afraid that worse pain and perhaps even death awaited outside, in the form of two guards, rather than freedom.

He could have remained there, questioning what the angel meant. He could have argued scrupulously with the angel about his need to participate in Christ's time of imprisonment, and stayed there.

Did he have time for an internal dialog, debating the risks?

What would have happened if he said NO to the angel?

What would have happened if he stayed there, shackled in darkness?

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Diane Marie Hall said...

God is so far above and beyond all understanding.He is in control of everything and can always be trusted.He is beyond all...he is all and more.He often moves in surprising,amazing and miraculous ways.Peter was sleeping he knew In the natural there was no escape. Our God operates in 3D. what we see is not what he sees.The angel had to strick peter to wake him.Once woken he was called to move.Peter did...what he was called to do.Though his yes may not have been easy;it was a yes.He moved with action...he moved out of his prison;directed and guarded by God. Carried through what must have seemed like a dream at first.
Into more.
Another interesting point..the church family; almost did not answer the door.Think what they would have missed.All they had been praying for was behind the door.Freed.