Friday, October 9, 2009

The best part

The highlight of the retreat for me was the sacrament of reconciliation.

I'd been burdened by a particular set of sins for some time, and was mortified at having to say them out loud. But the compassion in the voice of my BP was enormous, and the weight of his hand on my head as he absolved me conferred nothing but blessing.

I am so grateful that our God reaches out to touch and heal us through the sacraments. And for our beautiful priests who serve so faithfully.


Ike said...

I mean no disrespect...but I never could understand why anyone would go anywhere else but our High Priest. I believe in confession of sins....but we believers do not confess our sins for forgiveness....we are forgiven! I wish you allowed more "characters" so that I could explain what was in "the cup" and what happened on the cross.

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

No worries Ike, your point is very reasonable. Let me explain...

Participating in the sacrament of confession -IS- going to our High Priest. In it you go to Him not only in mind and heart, but also in body. I was able to speak to Him directly, feel the weight of His hand on my head, and hear His words of forgiveness with my ears.

Scripture speaks to us of His priests acting "in persona Christi"; in the person of Christ, and that's exactly what happens during the sacraments. Christ incarnate interacts with us bodily.

The beauty of it is stunning.