Friday, October 2, 2009

Speaking of new eras

I am down to the last few pages of my beaten up, crammed full journal, which covered my spiritual journey from May 2007 (before this blog was born) till the present.

It will be a bitter-sweet parting. This period of my life has been a time of tremendous love and joy and discovery coupled with seasons of darkness and hard realities. Finishing the book is like closing a chapter with which I'm not quite sure I want to be done.

But my choices are few. I must either close the book, stop writing, or stop living. Those are the only options.

Thank you Lord for such a time of sweetness with you.

Thank you book, for your faithful companionship.


Ike said...

Ike appears...and the "book" is closed:) Oh well.

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

Just my physical journal is closing with a new one starting! This blog continues, uninterrupted.

And I am glad that you have come.

Ike said...

I was just joking.. but I see you live near Cynthia. Must be where all the "brain cells" are manufactured:)