Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Song 6:4-9

I love this passage because it describes God's love for us individually, though there are many others. I do not understand why He wold love me out of so large a crowd, and yet, in these words He says that He does.


You are beautiful, my darling, as Tirzah,
lovely as Jerusalem,
majestifc as troops with banners.

Turn your eyes from me;
they overwhelm me.

Your hair is like a flock of goats
descending from Gilead.

Yur teeth are like a flock of sheep
coming up from the washing
Each has its twin, not one of them is alone.

Your temples behind your veil are like the halves of a pomegranite.

Sixty queens there may be,
and eighty concubines,
and virgins beyond number;
but my dove, my perfect one, is unique,
the only daughter of her mother
the favorite of the one who bore her.

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