Friday, October 16, 2009

Excruciating beauty

God is weaving my life so as to show me how pain, love, and beauty intertwine.

He gives me excruciating beauty.

Some days I think I may die of joy and heartbreak.


Brian Killian said...

Hi Eva, I like your blog very much. I find that my own thinking and writing about some of the topics on your blog overlap with yours.

I have started a blog recently devoted to exploring the nuptial mystery.

I would love to email you to chat more.

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

Please do post the URL of your blog here, unless it is not currently public. I'd very much like to see it.

I am reachable by email at

Looking forward to hearing your perspective.

Ike said...

"We" should pray to be more like Jesus.....but it is a death sentence.

Diane Marie Hall said...

breathless and without words