Thursday, April 16, 2009

The three become one

I recently sat in a small group celebrating the morning office, and listened to our voices united in praying the Lord's prayer.

My mind wandered where it wanders, and I wondered what it might be like to recite the prayer responsively while in the preliminary steps of lovemaking.

What would it be like to turn lovemaking into worship?

Would the three become one?

(Did I mention that I sometimes wonder about my mind?)


Anonymous said...

OK, I can totally see where you're going here. (Beware, potentially crazy tangent ahead.) BUT ...

Isn't the point in marriage for two to love Christ better together than apart? And when they're joined the become one flesh. And if they both are Spirit filled then the Spirit is already there. And He is joined in to the union. So when the two become one I really think that a part of it IS the three becoming one. (Not to be mistaked for the mindblowing nature of the Trinity. Whoo.)

Besides, it's called making love. What is love? God is love. Aren't our entire lives to be build around being love to others in various forms, and thus being an outpouring of Christ, a representation of Him?

Not sure if I could find the words to PRAY while in the throes of passion, but if God through the Spirit truly does exist in and amongst us, and I'm sure He does ... well, I don't think you really need to wonder about your mind so much.

Gosh, that was a crazy tangent. :-)

Suzanne Marie DeWitt said...

It wasn't a crazy tangent at all...

It is gratifying to read your comments; you clearly got where I was going, rather than running away screaming which I'm sure some Christian mindsets would have no recourse but to do.

As for the ability to pray while in the throes of passion; I agree. For lack of a more elegant way of saying it, I referred to the prayer during "preliminary steps of lovemaking"; that time before words disappear.