Friday, February 19, 2010

On co-creation

A wondering from sometime past:

I think perhaps the reason that Lucifer and his equally delusional host fell was a very particular form of jealousy.

I think that when the Father decided to make man, the angel of light got ticked off. Sure he pretended to disdain our bodies with all their incumbent demands and messiness. But in reality, He was jealous.

You see, we are the only creatures in all of the created order, seen and unseen, physical and spiritual, who co-create new spiritual beings with Him. With Him we work to populate eternity with new souls, souls who can also choose to love and serve Him.

Or not.

Despite his puffed up braggadocio, his claims at superiority, Lucifer was pissed.

So off to the garden he went, tempting fruit in hand, to prove that he still had some measure of control. And he's still hard at it, pulling us into his maelstrom of envy and fear and pride and anger. Trying to get us to stop the co-creation, or at the very least, to distort it into malignancy, and succeeding in many cases. Getting us to kill the newest souls before they leave the safety of their mothers' wombs.

How he must laugh, and brag, and ridicule us for our gullibility. In watching us swallow his lies like vitamins, how assured he must be of his superiority.


Ike said...

Satan preferred to be the king of hell rather than the servant of heaven.

Ike said...

God is eternal, but sin is not eternal. And since God is eternal, and sin is not eternal, God is not the author of sin. There was a time when there was no sin. It didn't come from outside that sinning angel and all the rest of them, but from inside. Satan a created being initiated sin in the angelic realm, Adam and Eve created beings initiated sin in the human realm.

With regard to Lucifer and the angels who became demons, God chose to give these rebel angel's full opportunity to exploit every avenue of their power. Isn't that amazing? The Bible says; God threw them down to the earth. God literally gave to them, gave to Satan within the framework of his sovereign purpose opportunity to exploit every avenue of their power until the end of man's history on the earth. And Satan and all his demons will do that all the way to the very end of the millennial kingdom, the 1000 year kingdom when the whole created universe, as we know it is destroyed.