Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pick up your pyre and follow Me

I taught a class on suffering and joy last night, and am still thinking about it today.

This morning's thoughts expanded on the idea of our being called to carry the cross.

The key of course, is sacrifice. We have a God who demands sacrifice. It's true that Jesus once and for all time became the ultimate sacrifice, the final lamb. But the sacrifice continues. It is once and yet still. It is always. Perpetual. And He calls us to join in.

He calls us to carry our cross the way He carried His.

The way Isaac carried the bundle of sticks intended for his funeral pyre.

We become the body of Christ, and are called to participate in His passion and death. We are called to BE sacrifice.

But something has happened over the last century or so. We've shrugged off our willingness to participate. So much of Christianity has turned completely away from this essential tenet. So many denominations and churches focus on a cross-less Christianity, a fictional feel-good version of the real thing. A comic book version. We have altar-less altar calls, cross-free sanctuaries, and ministers with no priestly duties.

We have a  God who demands sacrifice, worshiped by a people who have largely rejected it.

Lord, what would you have me do?


Ike said...

I think you are describing the difference between genuine believers and those who are not.

Matthew chapter 7 is worthy of much study. Who are the "few"? I have heard it preached that of everyone in the world....only professing christians are the few. That's not what it is saying. It is saying that of all the people who emphatically call me Lord, (Lord,Lord), of these people.....only a few are genuine. I find that chapter very frightening. All of us should examine ourselves to be sure we are in the faith.

Diane Marie Hall said...

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.