Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Especially Beloved?

A friend recently talked about having an experience in which she realized that she was especially loved by God.

Particularly loved.

Very specially loved.

She followed this by saying, "As are we all."

I believe this to be true, and yet I also believe that some may be especially specially loved.

It's a bit of a paradox, like predestination. And I think that in both cases the answer lies in our response.

I thought about the parable of the wedding feast, when the invited guests would not come. But there are those who did come, those who do come, and those perhaps are the ones who enjoy more fully the banquet He has in store.

Perhaps some simply say yes more readily, more eagerly, to the proffered feast.

Like Mary.

I wonder if such a response opens a door to Him in a special way, allowing access to and experience of His love more intensely.

I pray to be like her. I want to experience all of you Lord.

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