Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Francis de Sales to Madame de la Flechere

"There is a real temptation to become dissatisfied with the world and depressed about it when we have of necessity to be in it. God's Providence is wiser than we. We imagine we would feel better if we were on another ship; that may be, but only if we change ourselves! I am the sworn enemy of all those useless, dangerous, unwise desires, for even if what we desire is good, the desiring itself is pointless since God does not want that kind of good for us, but another, toward which He expects us to strive. He wishes to speak to us from the thorny bush, as He did to Moses, and we would like Him to speak to us in the gentle breeze, as He did to Elijah.

May His Goodness watch over you, my dearest daughter, but be steadfast, courageous, and rejoice in the fact that He has given you the grace to want to be entirely His. I am, in this Goodness, all yours."

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